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Arctic Cooling Silentium T11 Case and HC01-TC HDD Cooler Review

When we removed the side panel, we went to remove the accessories and inner packaging as we do with every case that we test.  A word of warning, the clear plastic sections at the bottom of the case may look like packaging but they are to help funnel air effectively through the chassis.  We’re sure that Arctic could have come up with a slightly more robust ‘air hood’ as the clear plastic used could not really be of any poorer quality.  The only redeeming factor is the lack of a clear side panel in the case which would make it permanently visible.

After recovering from the trauma of almost destroying the air hood we had a closer look around the interior of the case.  There are only two populated fan vents in the case which are located at the front and rear.  Both of these vents are populated by 120mm Arctic Cooling P12 fans and act as intakes.  Even though there is no roof fan, the top mounted PSU will help to exhaust hot air from the case in conjunction with the side panel vents.

As usual, the add-in card covers are situated below the exhaust on the left hand side of the case.  Unlike a lot of budget cases, the T11 has replaceable add-in card covers which can easily be reattached after removal.  It would have been nice, however, if Arctic had included at least a couple of screws to secure add-in devices.

Over on the right hand side of the case, we find four 5.25″ bays with a single  3.5″ hard drive bays below.  We can’t quite understand why Arctic have designed the case like this, though, as most people who purchase this case are unlikely to need extra bays for water-cooling reservoirs or fancy fan controllers.  So we would have preferred to sacrifice two of the 5.25″ bays to make room for a couple more hard drive bays.

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