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Arctic Cooling Silentium T11 Case and HC01-TC HDD Cooler Review

Overall, the Arctic Silentium T11 is a reasonably good case but there are a few areas in which it could be improved without adding very much to the cost.  We would like to see Arctic supplying all the necessary screws and including a motherboard tray cutout for facilitating the installation of CPU coolers.

As for the HC01-TC, we can’t really see any point at all in this product unless you want to fit a 3.5″ hard drive into a 5.25″ bay.  At a price of around £10 it’s not going to break the bank but most cases will do a better job at cooling a hard drive without it.

We love the unique ‘air hood’ that Arctic have installed in the case as it really helps to cool the graphics card effectively despite being implemented in the cheapest possible way to retain the case’s low price.  If you would prefer the case without it, though, it is easily removable.

The T11 isn’t yet available to purchase but Arctic list a price of 50 euros (exclusive of VAT) which translates into a price of around £50 inc. VAT.  We feel that this price is a little high; considering the features and build quality of the case we would expect a sub £40 price point.

KitGuru says: The Silentium T11 is a decent low-end case but we feel the price is too high to recommend it over some of its close competitors – worth checking out though.

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Rating: 7.5.

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