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XFX Type01 Bravo Case Review

Rating: 8.0.

Today we are going to take a look at the XFX Type01 Bravo … the companies first attempt at a PC Case. Until now, XFX’s range of products has consisted predominantly of graphics cards and power supplies, so it will be interesting to see if the Type01 Bravo can be competitive against the market leaders.

Over the last couple of years the PC chassis market has become heavily populated, with brands such as Corsair and Bitfenix making a lot of impact with enthusiast gamers. With tight profit margins throughout the PC industry it is not surprising that XFX has decided to expand their portfolio.

The Type01 Bravo will hit the market around the £130 mark, meaning it will go head to head against some of the finest, high end enthusiast grade chassis designs available today.


  • Unique XFX floating case design.
  • Modern minimalist design style.
  • Seamless hidden disc drive bays with folding doors.
  • Three(3) 5.25” External Toolless Drive Bays.
  • Eight (8) Internal 3.25“ Toolless Drive Bays.
  • Support up to 8 fans from 120mm to 200mm.
  • Up to Eight (8) PCI Expansion slots.
  • Top I/O ports including Four (4) USB 3.0 and Audio I/O.
  • Mic& Headphone HD audio ports.
  • Open Mesh Bottom With Filter.
  • Water Cool Ready.
  • Isolated bottom mount PSU design.
  • Solid and light ABS plastic construction.
  • Standard Mid Size tower height.
  • Full ATX motherboard compatibility.

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  • Drak

    To me the idea of “reasonable” performance from a case priced at £130 is ridiculous. There are a lot of cases on the market for far less than that with far more features and better build quality. The lack of 240mm rad support is something which shouldnt be overlooked nowadays when the CLC watercoolers from Corsair, NZXT and Antec are so commonly used. Even for an air-cooled build it’s easy to find better than this. They’ve priced themselves way out of the market in my opinion.

  • Gareth

    130 is nothing, lets get real here, High performance parts all drop a price around 100-150 pounds each.

    PSU will set you back 100
    GPU will set you back 300

    CPU = 250
    SSD = 130-150

    So really why not invest in a High quality case? I am not saying by any means that this case is high quality “Solid and light ABS plastic construction.” I would not pay 130 for a plastic case.. if it was a Brushed Steel/Plastic/CarbonFiber design maybe.

    The actual design looks good for airflow and would be more optimal for people using air cooling as a preference over Liquid cooling.

    I will end this with a comment on the design, its interesting, different and looks very efficient but doesn’t look finished or polished at all. It will have to be extremely good for the price compared to Corsair/CoolerMaster designs which come out a bit cheaper but are un-interesting and standard looking (Professional style I would call it) nothing wrong with them just some prefer an alien or different type of look to make their pc stand out.


    Overprice but still worth buying, a good option for air-cooling despite lack of air filters, flexible drive configuration apart from the fact that it actually isn’t, the list of contradictions here just keep mounting up. The last page just sound like your trying to polish a turd to give it an award it clearly doesn’t deserve.