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Phanteks Eclipse P600S – Can it Eclipse the Evolv X?


Cooling Performance.

Cooling Performance Overview.
You might think our chosen 280mm radiator would be on the small side to cool both an 8-core CPU and an RTX 2080 graphics card however past experience gave us confidence it would work well. Graphics temperatures were pleasingly low, despite the hot summer conditions, and the air flow of the case clearly works effectively. It should be noted that we added two Noctua fans in the roof of the case above the radiator, so we are not testing the case in exactly the form it was supplied.

Nonetheless we are confident the P600S works well in Performance mode with the panels open for maximum air flow. With the panels closed up in Silent mode the temperatures inside P600S rose by five degrees, which was rather less than we expected. The single biggest limitation on heat transfer and cooling is the design of the Intel Core i9-9900K which was running around 30 degrees hotter than the graphics card.

Acoustics Performance Overview.
With the panels opened up to allow the P600S to run in Performance mode we found the Phanteks had to potential to be quite noisy. That was with the fans running over 1,000rpm, however that was completely unnecessary. Once we controlled the fans in the BIOS using a nice, quiet profile the P600S was audible but not the least bit noisy. Truth be told the fan noise was slightly ominous, somewhat like a performance car that is cruising along at low rpm but with the potential to roar away with the merest whiff of the gas pedal.

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