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Apple may be looking to bid on Toshiba’s chip-making business

Toshiba has found itself in a tough spot financially recently, with the company recently admitting that its future is very much in doubt following its most recent financial report. As a result of this, it seems very likely that Toshiba may sell off its semiconductor business and it looks like there are already a few companies looking to buy, with Apple being the latest to join the list.

According to reports today, Apple is currently considering teaming up with Foxconn in an effort to bid for Toshiba’s semiconductor business, which is currently the second largest flash memory maker in the world. With an investment of several billion dollars, Apple would take a stake in the business while Toshiba keeps a partial holding, according to a report from NHK (via Reuters).

Apple has yet to comment but Toshiba has previously shown interest in buying up parts of Toshiba in the past. According to the report, Apple is looking for 20 percent ownership in the semiconductor business, while Foxconn gets 30 percent. Toshiba would then keep the remainder.

However, this sale could end up being difficult to pull off, as Western Digital is a partner in Toshiba’s chip making business. A direct sale without keeping WD in the loop would be a violation of the joint venture contract.

KitGuru Says: Toshiba seems to be a sinking ship at this point. However, with big names like Apple potentially looking to buy a stake in its semiconductor business, Toshiba may make enough money back to cover some of its debts.

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