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Samsung CF791 34in Quantum Dot Curved Monitor

Rating: 8.5.

“Quantum” is one of those technology words that seems to generally be associated with good things in computing – like “fuzzy logic” used to be with washing machines. But where the Samsung CF791 is concerned, quantum means something. This is the first screen we have seen with “quantum dot” technology, which is an improvement on regular LCD technology that promises better colour.

In a regular LED backlit screen, the LED lighting emits white light. Although the LEDs are actually blue, they are coated in yellow phospher so that the end result is white. The coloured filters in the screen then provide the basis for the colour picture. But with quantum dot technology, the blue LEDs are left blue, so these provide the blue pixels. The quantum dots then create the red and green.

They do this by glowing a specific colour when they are hit by light. Larger 50-atom dots glow red, and smaller 30-atom ones glow green. The hue is very pure, so when this goes through the various filters and polarisers and filter layers of the panel, the result is very vivid colour and an extended gamut.

Thanks to its quantum dot technology, Samsung can claim 125 per cent sRGB colour space for the CF791, and the panel has been factory calibrated too.

The CF791 has plenty of other advantages. This is a large 34in screen using VA technology, although not a 4K one. With a 21:9 aspect, the resolution is actually 3,440 x 1,440, so kind of 3.4K, although vertically it’s the same as a 16:9 screen with 2,560 horizontal pixels. It’s curved, too, with a 1500R curvature.

Although brightness is only quoted as 300cd/m2, the VA technology means contrast is specified at a very healthy 3000:1. Response is only 4ms – there is no gaming focused enhancement as with the Samsung C24FG70. But screen refresh goes up to 100Hz and there’s FreesSync variable frame rate technology available.

So there’s a lot to like about the CF791. The styling is gorgeous and there is virtually no bezel to ruin the edges of the display. It may not be quite the gaming perfection of the 24in C24FG70, but for occasional games and more general usage, there’s huge potential here. However, with a £800 price, the proof of the pudding is in that quantum dot technology. So read on to find out if it lives up to its technical theory.

Screen size: 34-inch, 21:9 aspect
Native resolution: 3,440 x 1,440
Refresh rate: 100Hz
Panel type: VA
Contrast ratio: 3,000:1
Brightness: 300cd/m2
Response time: 4ms grey-to-grey
Display inputs: 2x HDMI, DisplayPort
USB hub: Yes, 2 ports.
Tilt: Yes
Raise: Yes
Swivel: No
Other: Headphone jack, FreeSync, built-in speakers.

Retail Price: £799.99 (inc. VAT)

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  • Tim Reeves

    quantum dots have sweet fuck all to do with the amount of colours shown as that info-graphic implies, that’s just the bit depth of the colour space the monitor supports, eizo, nec and other pro monitors have supported 10 bit colour for years.

    And wtf is the point in a 125% srgb rating? if you’re in an srgb colourspace, you’re only going to see srgb, how much of argb does this cover?

    Why is a monitor with all the professional/high end features being sold on a mis-advertised display technology? if they said, we’ve got a 85% ARGB, UW 1440p, 10 bit, 34″, bezel free, 100hz, g-sync, curved screen monitor I would be SOLD.

    Also, why do the specs on page 1 say g-sync, but the rest of the article says freesync? does it do both? does it do neither? who knows.

  • Marcos Voy

    I’d like to see manufacturers investing on a tad smaller 29″ ultrawide monitors with good features such as 100hz and HDR, but they only do this with the higher-end 34-35″ which are way out of my range speaking money and desk space… though that new one from AOC, 35″ for only only $800 isnt all that far away from what I’m confortable spending on a monitor, yet still too big for my desk… (Nope, I can’t buy a larger desk it wouldn’t fit my room). If AOC made a 29″ variant of the AG352UCG with flat panel 1080p while keeping 100hz or at least 90hz I imagine it would reatail for about $550 and that’s very acceptable for me.

  • Rocky40

    This would not be a first look at Quantum Dot tech Sharp has had it in their TV’s for a few years now. Maybe a first for computer monitors I’m not totally sure but I am about Sharp having this for at least five years now.

  • topdown

    Apparently, the only thing quantum-dot about it is that it has the back-light used for those displays but not the pixels.

  • Louisjbaltazar

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  • Dr James Morris

    Typo. Sorry about that. Thanks for pointing it out. Now changed.

  • Zon

    I think you are thinking about quattron TV’s. I have one and it uses 4 sub pixels. Red, blue, green and yellow. It’s not the same as Quantum Dot. But still looks amazing.

  • Romey

    You have me scratching my head. Since when is 4ms a bad response time? 4ms is an above average near superb, yet not a 1ms. The difference between a 4 and a 1 is 3ms (yeah, I know math lol) so is wayy faster than all but the very best gamers reflexes. Yes. Its a better measurment but realistically only one percent of folks will be able to tell the difference between a 1 and a 4.
    Just wondering” Why is a 4 not as good as i think it is”?

  • Jack188

    I’m a bit confused why it is advertised at a 3000:1 contrast ratio but the max during these tests was 1250:1 can anyone clear this up for me? Thanks

  • cyber

    No, freesync test, no input lag test. With out these display tests are useless.