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Kingston bangs in record sales while competitors falter

While slow and timid interviews are the stuff of weary insomniacs, there's nothing KitGuru likes more than an experienced senior executive that's prepared to tell it like it is. To help stir the spirits, Kingston kindly lent us Bernd Dombrowsky. And we are very greatful that they have. You'll soon see what we mean.

Bernd Dombrowsky has been with Kingston for almost 15 years and his business card claims he is now busy directing sales across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. What we really like about this chap is his complete willingness to GITR (Get In The Ring) and tell it like it is. Expertise, honesty and a complete lack of fear? We like that. We like that a lot!

While Dombrowsky is a great name, we’re going to break with convention for this interview, be much more chummy and go with Bernd.

We saw one company getting NASDAQ listed earlier this year and losing 50% of their market capitalisation since then. That's amazingly poor in a year that will set new records for Kingston Technology's performance“, said Bernd. “If I look at the financials of some competitors who have big plans, I wonder who will risk their money in these initial public offerings“.

Nice kick off Bernd.

We'll come back to that thought in more depth later!

Bernd Dombrowsky competitive? Only slightly!

Bernd questions the wisdom of investing in any memory company that doesn’t have rock solid credentials and a serious plan.

When reading a strong statement like that, you need to remember just how big Kingston is.

Looking at last year’s sales figures, Kingston appears to be around 12 times bigger than Corsair and around 150 times bigger than Geil.

Serious stuff.

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