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Global chip shortage is already affecting DDR5 memory production

Many memory manufacturers have started to produce DDR5 memory, but not without issues. Like in many other industries, the global chip shortage is affecting DDR5 memory production, explaining the lack of stock and the pricing of DDR5 modules.

According to 12chip.com, the issue resides in a shortage of Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) chips. Each of these chips is about 10x more expensive than that the ones used on DDR4 modules. To that, add the fact that PMIC orders are taking about 35 weeks to be fulfilled, and you get why DDR5 memory modules are so expensive and why there are not many in stock.

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Currently, there is no timeline for when PMIC module supply may catch up to demand, so buying DDR5 memory could end up being difficult for quite some time.

Many industry experts believe chip production will normalise sometime in 2022, while others think it will take a bit more time, putting 2023 as the year the shortage ends. Whenever the shortages come to an end, we should see more plentiful stock for components across the industry, as well as better pricing.

KitGuru says: Are you planning to make the jump to Alder Lake, or has the lack of DDR5 memory availability put you off?

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