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G.Skill launches Flare X and FORTIS memory tuned for Ryzen

G.Skill today is introducing two new RAM kits, the Flare X series and the FORTIS series. Both kits consist of DDR4 modules that are fully certified for AMD's new Ryzen processors and AM4 motherboards. These kits have been designed and tested specifically with AMD's new chips in mind and have been validated for compatibility and stability with the new platform.

First let's go over Flare X. This series of DDR4 marks the return of G.Skill's Flare series, which provided excellent performance back in the DDR3 days. These new modules are built with carefully selected IC chips and are said to provide the best compatibility and stability for systems featuring an AMD Ryzen CPU.

Next up is the FORTIS series, these modules are designed specifically for gamers and provide a more cost effective solution for those looking to build a new AM4 gaming system. The FORTIS series will be available in 2133MHz and 2400MHz frequencies running at 1.2V with 15-15-15-35 timing. Both frequency variants are available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB kits.

As for the Flare X series, these are available in 2133MHz, 2400MHz, 3200MHz and 3466MHz options at various capacities, timings and voltages depending on the kit. lower speed options are available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB options while the top end 3466MHz Flare X kit is only available in 16GB and 32GB kits.

We don't have exact pricing and availability information just yet but expect these to hit stores soon.

KitGuru Says: It looks like G.Skill is offering some of the fastest RAM intended for use on the AM4 platform so far. Are any of you guys planning on putting together a Ryzen build? 

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