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Gigabyte F2A85XM-D3H Motherboard (with AMD A8-5600K) Review

All of the overclocking options in the BIOS are located under the MIT Tweaker tab.  They are separated out into different sections for controlling the CPU, Memory and Voltages, as well as two which display PC Health Status and Current MIT settings.

The BIOS features all the other settings you’d usually expect, spread under the following five tabs: System, BIOS Features, Peripherals, Power Management and Save and Exit.


We managed to achieve a modest 4.3 GHz overclock with the AMD Vision A8-5600K (3.6ghz default speed).  This was achieved using a baseclock of 100 MHz with a multiplier of 43x.  We used an offset voltage of +0.072V to achieve this.

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