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EVGA announce the SR-3 Dark motherboard for Intel Xeon processors

EVGA don’t release a huge number of motherboards, but when they do its usually something pretty impressive. A new motherboard that has just been announced from EVGA is no different, the SR-3 Dark offers exceptional performance and engineering.

The new SR-3 Dark motherboard from EVGA features the Intel C622 chipset with hexa-channel memory support, a 24 phase power design, 16 layer PCB, dual 10GbE LAN ports and a waterblock to offer passive or active cooling of the VRM MOSFET. EVGA has managed to pack in virtually everything while maintaining a compact enough design to fit a full E-ATX form factor.

EVGA has provided maximum power for Intel Xeon W-3175X processors and the system via four 8-pin EPS connectors and a 24 phase CPU power design. Once again, EVGA has implemented the revolutionary right-angled power connectors to improve cable management. The SR-3 dark includes a pre-installed waterblock to cool the chipset and VRM that can also provide sufficient passive cooling too.

EVGA SR-3 Dark motherboard features:

  • 16-Layer PCB – A 16-layer high-speed E-ATX PCBA with gold-plated shielded edge enhances stability for heavy loads, improved overclocking, and durability for today’s extreme cooling hardware.
  • Highly-Efficient 24-Phase PWM – The SR-3 DARK features a 24-phase Digital VRM (18 VCore, 1 VSA, 1 VCCIO, 4 VDDR) for the cleanest, most stable power design to ensure that you’re ready for Intel’s 28-core XEON W-3175X Processor.
  • 300% Higher Gold Content in CPU Socket – Higher volume of precious metal (300% Gold) used in the Narrow 30u socket creates lower contact resistance, resulting in better power delivery.
  • Intel sSATA to Mini-SAS 6Gb/s Port – The Intel C622 PCH supports 10 SATA 6Gb/s drives, including an additional 4 ports through a mini-SAS connector located behind the SATA Ports. The controller also supports NCQ, TRIM, hot swap capability, and RAID levels 0/1/5/10.
  • PCIe Disable Switches The SR-3 DARK offers PCIe disable switches to quickly shut off PCIe slots to troubleshoot or restore used resources without the need to physically uninstall hardware.
  • Triple BIOS Select Switch – Switch between up to 3 different BIOS ROMs for overclocking, benching, 24/7 use, or anything you can think of.
  • SW Slow Mode Switch – Changes the CPU Ratio to the minimum CPU ratio in real-time for stability purposes or to reduce heat/power usage between long benching sessions.
  • ProbeIT Connectors – Attach your Digital Multimeter to the included ProbeIT adapter and monitor all your voltages in real-time.
  • Creative Core3D Audio – Creative 5.1 Channel Audio with output amplifiers – the industry standard for audio quality.
  • Safeboot Button – Pressing this button will restart the system and launch into the BIOS at safe setting, while keeping the same settings when you previously left the BIOS. Handy for those times when the board fails to POST, but you only need to make one or two changes to fix it!

To learn more about the EVGA SR-3 Dark motherboard and check out details of specifications, head over to the official EVGA product pages.

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KitGuru says: The SR-3 Dark motherboard from EVGA certainly looks like it has the specification to provide extreme performance from Intel Xeon processors, what do you guys think to it?

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