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MSI enables trial support for AVX-512 on latest MEG Z690 Unify-X BIOS

Just before the Alder Lake-S launch, Intel decided it was best to disable support for AVX-512 and eventually blocked user-made workarounds to re-enable it. Now, some motherboard makers are taking matters into their own hands, with MSI launching a new BIOS with trial support for AVX-512. 

Xavier Amberger found the new AVX-512 trial option on the latest MSI MEG Z690 Unify-X A22 BIOS and put it to the test in the y-cruncher benchmark.

After flashing the latest BIOS and selecting the new microcode, Amberger tried their Core i9-12900K on y-cruncher, setting a new record for the world's fastest 8-core CPU on ambient cooling in this test.

The result isn't surprising, considering Amberger had already shown how much better AVX-512 is compared to AVX-2, the default instruction set for AVX-512 instructions when the former is disabled. AVX-512 not only is more efficient, but it also scores significantly higher.

KitGuru says: Why would Intel disable an instruction set that's clearly better than the alternative? Could it be related to thermal issues resulting from prolonged CPU operation using the AVX-512 instruction set? Do you think other motherboard vendors will enable trial support? 

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