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MSI A88X-G45 Gaming Motherboard Review

PCMark 8 is the latest version in Futuremark's series of popular PC benchmarking tools. It is designed to test the performance of all types of PC, from tablets to desktops. With five separate benchmark tests plus battery life testing, PCMark 8 helps you find the devices that offer the perfect combination of efficiency and performance. PCMark 8 is the complete PC benchmark for home and business.
PC Mark 8 AcceleratedPC Mark 8 OC Genie BluePC Mark 8 OC Genie Red
At stock speeds the system performed well. A PC Mark 8 score of 4,453 comfortably beats the Gigabyte P35K Core i7 laptop that I recently reviewed. Overclocking increased the score to 4,584 and then 4,714 marks which isn't a massive increase – but is worth having.

If you build a Kaveri PC using the MSI A88X-G45 it will make mincemeat of day-to-day tasks such as email, web browsing and all the Microsoft Office stuff your kids have to use for homework.

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