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Asus Maximus VI Hero (Z87) Motherboard Review

Rating: 8.0.

Providing a fresh burst of excitement in Asus’ premium Republic Of Gamers series, the Maximus VI Hero is the first ROG motherboard built specifically for the mid-range gamer. Has Asus’ price-constricting approach paid off?

Sparking attention due to its true gaming-orientated design and a price tag to match, the Maximus VI Hero is Asus’ newest ATX member of its Republic Of Gamers motherboard series. With the Hero, Asus aims to offer all of the gaming-intended features typically found on ROG boards, but with a lower price tag achieved by omitting the enthusiast hardware such as PLX PCI-E switches.

With support for SLI/CrossFire configurations, SupremeFX audio, and gaming enhancements, can the Asus Maximus VI Hero prove that it has what it takes to win over the gaming crowd?



  • SupremeFX – Supremacy through discrete-calibre audio
  • Sonic Radar – Scan and detect to dominate
  • Extreme Engine Digi+ III – Hardcore power delivery with premium components
  • GameFirst II + Intel LAN – Put Your Frags First

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  • Peter

    lovely board and nice to see a more reasonable price point for the majority of us. While the maximus extreme was impressive, it was also priced at a years car insurance for me!

  • Ben

    ROG boards are excellent, well built and nicely designed. I do think ASUS are facing more competition in the high end with Z87 however from MSI and gigabyte and even asrock. any chance of a review of the asrock OC formula high end?

  • Ben, keep your eye out for that board in the coming days ;-)!

  • Nico

    awesome, I like asrock too, good prices. This board is a good setup, interesting to see the 3,000mhz memory didnt work. but its £400 right? cant see too many people buying that.

  • Barry M

    Good reviews Luke, nicely detailed. DO you think its worth the money to get the ROG extreme over this? I would ideally like to use 3,000mhz next year. I wonder if they can fix the bios, or if its just not as good as the extreme for this kind of support.

  • Hi Barry, That’s a tough question to answer, and one that depends entirely on personal preference and usage. If you’re going for extreme overclocking with extreme cooling, the Maximus VI Extreme is a great choice and well optimised for those conditions.

    If it’s high-speed memory support that you’re specifically after, I would think that compatibility will be improved with future BIOS updates. The Maximus VI Hero does support 3000MHz kits, according to the DRAM QVL, just not quite the one that we tested (not with two sticks, at least).

  • demoneyez

    Thank you for the review.

    But I am looking forward to the Formula review more ^^

  • Dirtbag

    If I buy this board will I get banned in fps games like cod?

    Is Sonic radar is a reason for ban?