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Asus Maximus VI Hero (Z87) Motherboard Review

To test the Asus Maximus VI Hero, we paired it with an Intel Core i7 4770K processor and 8GB of 2133MHz memory from Patriot. We will be outlining the Asus Maximus VI Hero motherboard’s performance with the Core i7 4770K CPU at its stock frequency of 3.5GHz and when overclocked to 4.5GHz.

We will be comparing the Asus Maximus VI Hero motherboard’s performance to that of four other Z87 products. All motherboards are partnered with identical hardware and software, so the results are directly comparable.

By default, the Asus Maximus VI Hero motherboard forces the 4770K to a constant 3.9GHz. This will be displayed as the ‘stock’ setting.


Motherboard Test System:

Compared Z87 Motherboard(s):


  • Asus Maximus VI Hero BIOS 0711.
  • GeForce 320.49 VGA drivers.
  • Intel chipset drivers.

Software Suite:

  • 3DMark
  • 3DMark 11
  • PCMark 8
  • Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0
  • SiSoft Sandra 2013 SP4
  • Cinebench 11.5 64 bit
  • Super Pi
  • VLC Media Player 2.0.7
  • CyberLink Media Espresso 6.7
  • HandBrake 0.9.9
  • ATTO
  • Battlefield 3
  • Metro 2033
  • Sleeping Dogs

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