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Luke and Leo Get Technical (Ep9) – AMD X570S

In this episode, Leo and Luke discuss new AMD X570S motherboards with an appearance by MSI's MPG X570S Carbon EK X. As usual, ramblings hit a variety of topics including liquid cooling, airflow, and Leo's own system that he uses daily.

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Video Timestamps:

00:00 Start
00:15 MAG X570S Carbon EK X
04:33 X570S – what is it ?
09:00 Liquid Cooling – airflow
10:14 Leo forgets to breathe
11:39 Luke checks his flow
12:03 How much liquid cooling does AMD need?
14:35 Anyone remember the R9 295X2 ?
16:20 The X570S, passively cooled with monoblock
17:55 Luke asks Leo a question about his own system & Windows 11

Video Points

MSI MPG X570S Carbon EK X Motherboard
  • That name enough of a mouthful?
  • EK liquid cooling by default
  • Should we have basic VRM heatsink installed as standard?
    • How do you stress test in a simple way initially?
  • Leak tester included
  • That EK monoblock is heavy!
    • Nickel-plated copper
  • Nice and easy to install, by the looks of it
  • About 100 $/£ extra for the block worth it?


  • Is it new chipset?
    • No
  • Technically, the X570 chipset itself has not changed according to our AMD contact
    • X570S is a marketing term used by the motherboard vendors to highlight their ‘silent' chipset boards
  • There are some older fanless X570 boards, remember
    • Gigabyte X570 Aorus Xtreme
    • ASUS Crosshair VIII Dark Hero
  • B550 is technically inferior
    • But is it really inferior in reality?
    • The lack of an onboard fan has always been quite appealing to us
    • Though less PCIe Gen 4 capability is a downside
  • Have you been annoyed by your X570 motherboard's fan?
    • And how fast does it spin?
  • Passively cooling the X570 chipset shouldn't be such a tough task
    • Especially with the monster heatsinks on modern motherboards
    • Were the original X570 designs too cautious with chipset cooling?
  • Gigabyte, ASUS, and MSI X570S board reviews coming soon
  • What about cooling those Gen 4 SSDs under the cooling shroud?

Liquid cooling airflow is a challenge

  • Rad positioning can hugely influence your motherboard, VRM, and SSD cooling behaviour
  • Liquid cooling the GPU is glorious!
    • CPUs show good benefit too
  • Do you run a CPU-only liquid cooling loop?
    • What is your opinion on custom liquid without the GPU in the loop?

Leo forgets to breathe when around glorious hardware

  • CPUs make him short of breathe
    • And so does working with wallet-busting graphics cards!
  • Don't mess up the block installation!

Things are flowing…

  • The monoblock has a small flowmeter integrated
    • Will it make any noise, Luke asks?
    • ‘No', Leo answers!
  • A noisy flowmeter on a passive board would be ironic

How much cooling does AMD Ryzen need?

  • The 5950X kicks out a bunch of power
    • But its thermals are OK
    • The 5900X, on the other hand!
  • Austrian muscle to save the day…?
    • We're talking about Noctua, of course!
    • Never mind, Arnie!
  • Cooling the GPU reaps major rewards!
    • But we won't argue with CPU liquid cooling either

Anybody remember the R9 295X2 and its single 120mm rad?

  • Dual R9 290X GPUs overclocked and on a single board
  • All cooled by a 120mm radiator
    • Now, that was an optimistic way to manage 500W of graphics card!
  • The rule of thumb is 1x 120mm unit plus 1x120mm per component
    • So maybe we are simply overdoing it with radiator area on custom loops
    • Especially when compared to the R9 295X2
  • But will new hardware and higher-powered processors change things?

MSI X570S passively cooled, with a monoblock

  • Leo will be doing an actual review of this board, so keep an eye out for it
  • And we will also be looking at other X570S motherboards
  • Do you think AMD X570 has earned a price premium over Intel mainstream chipset motherboards?

Let's talk Leo's own system

  • Would you be happy to buy X570/AM4 knowing that a replacement platform is due next year?
  • Leo runs Threadripper 2000 on X399
    • It was upgraded from Threadripper 1000 when Threadripper 2000 was discounted
  • Leo really wants Threadripper 3000
    • And the high-end, absolutely superb TRX40 platform
    • Better raid the piggy bank!
  • Do YOU care if a platform is end-of-life when you want to buy it?
    • Does Windows 11 quirky support change your perspective?
  • Maybe AM4 and Zen 3 would be a very good option for Leo to upgrade to?

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