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The OneSeasonic initiative makes product selection simple

If you have ever built your own high-end custom PC you will have no doubt come across and probably used a Seasonic power supply before. Product packaging and branding is a key marketing strategy by hardware manufacturers that provides clear identification of products for consumers.

Seasonic is currently in the process of refreshing its product line with branding and packaging updates, to ensure consumers are not confused or mislead when looking to purchase new models while at the same time strengthening its corporate identity.

The company is calling this new initiative OneSeasonic, which has applied a renewed outer appearance to its latest products and proper positioning within their families. The main aim of this brand refresh is to minimise confusion about Seasonic’s products and allow consumers to benefit from the clear naming scheme, uniformed packaging design and product appearance.

There are no significant technical changes to the products that will directly affect performance or reliability. Changes under the OneSeasonic process will include an update in the Focus PSU series, which adds a new Double-layer PCB design and in-line capacitors removed from the cables. In addition, unified series names and new product EAN’s will be added, along with re-designed packaging, PSU external housing and rating label. An added bonus of the OneSeasonic process will be the inclusion of more cables and improved accessories and documentation.

A new naming scheme has been applied to Seasonic products not only to mark the beginning of a transformation but to delivery new product names that are both easy to understand and remember, as well as denoting what the actual product is and its specifications. A breakdown of the new naming scheme is shown below:

For further information and to take a closer look at the Seasonic range of power supplies, check out the official Seasonic product pages where a full list of available devices can be found.

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KitGuru says: It can sometimes be tricky knowing exactly what you a buying especially when purchasing online and not having a physical box or packaging to inspect. Seasonic has made this a more simple process now with the new product initiative they have implemented.

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