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Seasonic is upgrading PRIME power supplies to an industry-leading 12 year warranty

Seasonic is highly regarded as one of the best power supply makers in the world, with the current PRIME series offering impressive efficiency levels excellent efficiency levels and quality components. In fact, many of Seasonic's power supplies will last more than a few CPU and GPU generations, with that in mind, Seasonic wants to ensure customers that its supplies offer a long-term solution, which is why today the PRIME series warranty is being upgraded to last an industry-leading 12 years.

If you already own a Seasonic PRIME series power supply, then your factory warranty will be upgraded effective immediately. So when it's time to move on to a new build, you can bring your trusty power supply along with you.

In a statement from the Seasonic team, the company explained that this not only demonstrates confidence in the PRIME PSU range, but also shows appreciation for the customers buying them:

“Seasonic PRIME series power supplies will be upgraded from the current 10 years to an industry leading 12 years. This also includes all PRIME units that have already been sold prior to this date. This not only demonstrates the trust and belief in our own products but we also want to prove and show our appreciation to our customers for their support. We have their backs as they can change all their other components but the Seasonic power supply will just keep on working and will be protected with an exceptionally strong factory warranty.”

KitGuru Says: We are continuously impressed by Seasonic's power supplies when we get them in for review and it is easy to see why- particularly with this industry leading warranty in place. How many of you guys own a Seasonic power supply at the moment?  We will be reviewing a few more from the PRIME series quite soon, so stay tuned for that. 

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