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Antec EDGE 750W PSU Review

There is no doubt that the Antec EDGE 750W is a capable, well designed power supply. It is set to target the discerning enthusiast audience powering a high end system, featuring perhaps two graphics cards in SLi or Crossfire – and with a restricted budget around £100.

The quality of finish is generally solid and the honeycombed vents on the sides of the chassis subjectively improve the appearance. Surprisingly they are just for show however as there is a layer of clear plastic on the inside blocking any potential airflow. Additionally, the paint work didn’t survive our scratch test unscathed, leaving several marks on the chassis.

We appreciate Antec are trying to add value to the package by including several optional ‘anti noise de-couplers’ – a fancy term for vibration dampers. In reality we didn’t notice any differences with them fitted or not, but at least in a red coloured system build they add a ‘sporty stripe’ to improve appearance.

The large Ong Hua fan is very quiet, and even when the power supply is handling higher loads above 500 watts, it remains barely audible. If you value low noise levels then the Antec EDGE 750W will make an ideal partner for a new system build.

The quality of the modular cabling is excellent, and with all but one (main MB cable) being flat, they will be easy to route, improving the appearance of a system build.

Technically the unit delivers good results in most areas. Load regulation is excellent and it handled our intensive Cross load test without a hiccup. Ripple suppression was commendable, however we did notice the +5V rail peaked at 40mV under full load – this raised an eyebrow. While a little higher than we would hope to see, it is important to point out that this doesn’t fall outside industry rated tolerance levels.

You can buy the Antec Edge 750W power supply from SCAN in the UK, for £104.10 inc vat.

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  • Excellent load regulation.
  • good internal build quality.
  • ships with extras such as vibration dampers.
  • quiet under load.
  • fully modular.
  • high efficiency.
  • Rubycon primary capacitor.
  • 5 year warranty.


  • +5V ripple is higher than we would like to see.
  • paint finish could be better.
  • stiff competition around £100.

 Kitguru says: A solid power supply which will cater to the enthusiast user wanting as little noise as possible.

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Rating: 8.0.

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