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Antec High Current Pro Platinum 1300W PSU Review

Antec are using a high grade Delta fan, model number AFB1312M (12V, 0.38A). This fan is manufactured in China. We will measure noise on the next page.
The High Current Pro Platinum 1,300W is manufactured by Delta, one of the most respected power supply OEM’s in the world. The HCP-1300 is built to the highest standards, using a full bridge topology and an LLC converter for lossless switching of the primary mosfets. The secondary side is using a synchronous rectification system and utilises a transformer to host the +12V fets.

Soldering on the main PCB is excellent.
The first section of the transient filtering stage is behind the AC receptacle. It consists of two Y caps and a single X cap. The main PCB is home to the remainder of the transient filtering components, including four Y caps, a single X cap, an MOV and two CM chokes.

The three layered modular PCB contains a series of Chemi Con electrolytic capacitors to help with ripple filtering to the DC outputs. Two DC-DC converters which generate the minor rails are on a PCB which is placed close to the modular PCB.
The design is using two ultra high grade Rubycon capacitors rated at 450V, 560μF each. These 105c rated capacitors will give a combined 1120μF delivery. The PFC controller is connected to a small PCB attached to the main PCB.

All in all, this is a fantastic design, using only the highest grade components throughout.

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