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bequiet! Pure Power L8 400W Review

bequiet! artwork is always simple, yet effective. The Pure Power L8 400W unit ships in a black box featuring a high resolution image of the unit and some specifications listed underneath.
The main box is compartmentalised with the power supply itself protected in bubblewrap, underneath a little user manual. It would be more effective to protect the power supply inside foam as the supply chassis is directly pressing against the cardboard sides of the outer box.
The company supply a regional specific power cable, some cable ties and the user manual.
This is not a modular power supply, meaning all the cables are hardwired out of the chassis. All of the cables are sleeved (not the flat ribbon style), which may make routing a little more tricky.

Cable Connectors
MB 20+4 pin x1
CPU 4+4 pin x1
PCI E 8 pin (6 pin +2) x2
FDD (floppy) x1

For a 400W power supply we can’t fault the number of connectors on the Pure Power L8 400W unit. There are a total of five cables, and two PCI e 6+2 connectors to power a single high end graphics card. If you want to run more demanding SLI or Crossfire multi GPU systems, it would be advisable to aim a little higher up the range.

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