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bequiet! Pure Power L8 400W Review

The BeQuiet! Pure Power L8 400W is an attractively finished power supply which looks like any other bequiet! power supply we have reviewed in recent years. The paintwork is good, although it does attract finger prints easily enough.

It didn’t quite pass our ‘system builder stress test’, which involves us running the head of a Philips screwdriver down the side of the unit with little to moderate force. It didn’t completely remove the paint, but it did leave a noticeable scar. We do this to mirror possible rough handling during a system build.
The more observant among you will notice that this range of power supplies has a different ‘trim’ around the fan underneath the grill. The bright orange trim has been replaced with a modest grey version. The 120mm SilentWings fan can be seen underneath … we will look at this closer when we open the case.
The panel sides have an bevelled company logo visible, subtle enough to be missed if you aren’t paying attention.
All of the cables are hardwired into the chassis, shown above.
One side of the chassis has a honeycomb vent in place to help with airflow. Next to this is a company logo in the white/orange colour scheme and a power switch and connector.

BeQuiet! Pure Power L8 400W
DC Output
+12V1 +12V2
Max Output
22A 20A
Total Power 120W 30A – 360W 3.6W 15W

The power supply can deliver a total of 30A on the +12V rails, or 360W.

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