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Corsair HX850 Platinum (2017) Power Supply Review

The Corsair HX850 is a simple looking, yet effective monochome power supply which will cleverly fit into any colour scheme of build you can think of. Build quality is high, as we would expect, and the paint work is quite deep and doesn’t scratch easily.

It measures 150 mm x 86 mm x 180 mm and weighs 1.95kg.

A large offwhite coloured fan can be seen behind the metal grill on the top of the unit. The Corsair badge can be seen in the middle. I would imagine they are using another NR135P fan, but will get a better look when we open the unit shortly.

This unit has a ‘Zero RPM’ mode. At up to 40% of the PSU’s maximum load with a 25c ambient room temperature, the fan will not spin. This means when idle, or low to moderate loads, noise levels will be effectively nothing.

One side of the power supply is home to the modular bay, with three rows of ports all clearly labelled for ease of use during the build.

The HX series supplies are all equipped with a single +12V Rail Selection switch which gives the user a choice of running the supply in single or multiple +12V rails. In Single mode position the full output capability of the +12V rail is available to all the connectors. In Multiple mode each individual connector has over current protection with a limit of 40A set to each cable.

Above, we can see the breakdown of the units power delivery when set to Single Rail Mode and Multiple Rail mode. We would imagine most of our readers will be using this power supply in single rail mode. It can deliver almost 71 Amps across the +12V rail at full load.

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