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Corsair Professional Series AX760i and AX860i Review

Rating: 9.0.

In August this year we analysed the latest high end power supply from Corsair, the AX1200i. It claimed our highest award and exhibited no weaknesses. The lower wattage models have been a long time coming, but today the wait is thankfully over.

Corsair have just released the AX760i and AX860i power supplies, priced around the £164.99 and £179.99 inc vat point respectively. The AX1200i is one of the finest power supplies available in the enthusiast sector and by the end of this review we will know if the AX760i and AX860i share the same admirable award winning characteristics.

Corsair AX760i and AX860i Overview:

  • Digitally-controlled power
    State-of-the-art DSP-based power control technology providing outstanding DC voltage regulation, reliability and stability.
  • 80 PLUS® Platinum Efficiency
    DSP-control and Zero Voltage Switching and Zero Current Switching (ZVS / ZCS) technology results in up to 92% energy-efficiency, resulting in lower energy bills, and less heat and noise.
  • Ultra Low Noise Design
    Thanks to its high efficiency and low heat output the AX760i and AX860i are able to operate in a silent, fanless mode up to 30% of the rated wattage (228W/258W), allowing for the possibility of fanless gaming. The fan speed ramps slowly above 30% load, so even fully-loaded PCs can be powered quietly.
  • Low Ripple and Noise: up to 3x better than the ATX Spec
    Low ripple and noise equals high-quality power, allowing your performance-critical components, such as high-end graphics cards, to operate reliably for longer.
  • AX760i  – 63.3 Amp Single +12V Rail
    The AX760i features a massive 63.3 Amp (759.6 Watt) single +12V rail, making it the idea PSU for ultra-high end SLI and Crossfire gaming PCs based around multi-core CPUs.
  • AX860i – 71.6 Amp Single +12V Rail
    The AX860i features a massive 71.6 Amp (859.2 Watt) single +12V rail, making it the idea PSU for ultra-high end SLI and Crossfire gaming PCs based around multi-core CPUs.
  • Corsair LINK interface
    Thanks to the DSP-based design, the AX760i and AX860i can be accessed using the Corsair Link interface. This server-inspired diagnostic tool can record and monitor real-time efficiency, power usage, and adjust fan profiles. Uniquely, the AX760i and AX860i can also be configured as a multi-rail device with individual PCI-E over-current protection (OCP) trip points.
  • Self Test Switch
    The self test switch on the PSU confirms that all the DC output voltage rails are functioning correctly, and the fan is functional, providing a simple method of checking that the power supply is functioning correctly.
  • Fully Modular Cable System
    The fully modular cable system provides total flexibility when building or upgrading your PC, since you use only the cables that you need. This reduced cable clutter also improves case airflow and cooling, and makes it much easier to build your high-end system and route cables.
  • Reliable
    As with all AX PSUs, the AX760i and AX860i is built with premium components, such as high-temp 105° C capacitors, and is capable of continuous power delivery at a temperature rating of 50° C, ensuring maximum performance and reliability even in the most hot-running performance PCs.
  • Protected
    The AX760i features a comprehensive array of protection and safety features. This includes Over-Voltage Protection (OVP), and Over-Current Protection (OCP) on the 12V, 5V, and 3.3V rails, Over-Temperature Protection (OTP), and Short-Circuit Protection (SCP).
  • The Corsair Advantage
    Corsair Professional Series AXi PSUs are backed by a reassuring 7-year warranty and comprehensive customer support via telephone, email, forum and the Tech Support Express helpdesk.

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