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Corsair Professional Series AX760i and AX860i Review

Corsair power supplies are a lesson to many other manufacturers on how it should be done. The paint work is deep and the two tone labels on either side of the chassis look elegant. The paintwork is resistant to fingerprints and is very difficult to mark. As with the AX1200i, we ran a screwdriver down one side of the chassis with a little force and it didn’t mark at all.

The large 120mm fan is hidden behind a black steel grill with the Corsair logo proudly presented in the center. We will have a closer look at the fan later in the review when we open the chassis.

This side of the chassis is honeycomb vented to help improve air flow around the components. At the side is a power switch and connector.

The modular panel takes up almost the full width of the chassis. All of the ports are labeled clearly to ensure the installation phase isn’t confusing for an inexperienced user. There is also a self test button and a ‘comm port’ which is used for Corsair Link connection.

The Corsair AX760i can deliver 63.3A to the +12v rail which is enough to power a high end dual card SLI or Crossfire configuration. Total power output is rated to 760 Watts @ 50c ambient temperature.

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