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Corsair Professional Series AX760i and AX860i Review

The AX860i incorporates a high grade Yate Loon Fan (D12BH-12) measuring 120mm – this is the same fan as in the AX760i earlier in the review.

This is smaller than the D14BH-14 (140mm) which is used in the AX1200i. These fans use ball bearings and seven fan blades. The maximum rated speed is 2,300 rpm at +12V. These fans have been used in many other supplies over the last couple of years.

The AX860i is a Flextronics design and is packed from edge to edge with several rows of black heatsinks handling heat transfer. The design uses a DSP which reduces the overall number of discrete components. This reduced component count has the benefit of reducing losses in the circuit and helping to improve efficiency. Corsair also say that this reduction helps improve reliability.

The AX1200i uses Zero Voltage Switching and Zero Current Switching (ZVS/ZVC) technology to switch at near 0V and 0A.

The AX860i features DC-DC regulation for 3.3V, 5V and 12V rails and secondary side rectification. The supply uses a 4 layer modular connector board PCB to help improve the ground return plane with lower resistance and low voltage drops.

The design uses 105c rated capacitors from Panasonic and Rubycon throughout, including a Panasonic- 680uF, 420V in the primary stage.

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