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Corsair Professional Series AX760i and AX860i Review

We were bowled away by the Corsair AX1200i when we reviewed it back in August this year. Three months later and the AX760i and AX860i have not disappointed either. This Professional Series of power supplies from Corsair is without doubt one of the finest that money can buy.

Aesthetically, the finish is as good as you are likely to see, offering resistance against messy fingerprints and rough handling. Corsair products have received a lot of praise for their technical design over the years, but they really don’t skimp on the quality of materials either.

Technically, neither AX760i or AX860i fail to deliver class leading results. Both supplies are capable of rock solid load regulation and the intensive cross loading tests were passed with flying colours. Ripple suppression is a particular high point, specifically the +12V peak result of 25mV. As we noticed with the +3.3V and +5V rails, the Flextronics design is a little higher than competing Seasonic products in the same price zone, however they are still excellent.

The bundle is exemplary for both units and the Corsair Link interface module will be welcomed by enthusiast users who love to tweak and monitor their systems. The option to adjust from single rail to independent rails will also prove useful to a select audience.

The acoustic performance of these units is definitely worth another mention as the clever fan profile ensures that noise is kept to a minimum at all times. Under 40% load, the fan does not spin at all, making them both ideal for a high grade media center which would be using around 150-250watts power under load. In this environment, both supplies would be completely silent at all times and worth the cost.

Aria are selling the Corsair AX760i for £161.94 inc vat and the Corsair AX860i for £176.34 inc vat. At this price they will be firmly targeting the wealthy enthusiast user with a high level of disposable budget. That said, in regards to a quality power supply, they are right at the top of their respective fields.


  • Built to the highest standards.
  • very quiet.
  • very efficient.
  • both AX760i and AX860i have 6 PCI power connectors.
  • ripple suppression.
  • load regulation.
  • software interface.


  • Expensive.

Kitguru says: Both AX760i and AX860i earn our highest ‘MUST HAVE’ Award. If you want a dependable power supply that will last for years, then these deserve serious consideration.

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Rating: 9.0.

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