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Fractal Design Ion+ Platinum 860P PSU Review

The fan inside is an FDB model, measuring 140 mm x 140 mm x 25 mm. It has a counter balanced magnet to reduce axial tension on the bearing and has an optimised fan geometry to balance airflow and static pressure. There is an Aerodynamic stator with embedded wiring to reduce turbulence. Fractal have notched the blade edges to reduce fan hum at higher speeds. Life expectancy of the fan is 100,000 MTBF.

You may notice there is a piece of plastic covering one quarter of the fan – this is intentional, so the company can specifically direct air flow over key components on the PCB.

Below - a High Resolution Gallery of the internal layout of the Power supply.

Looking inside we can see that the Fractal Design power supply is created by OEM partner High Power. The design is 12V Synchronous Rectification to improve efficiency with low conduction loss. High Power are incorporating a high efficiency step down DC-DC circuit to help improve voltage regulation and to improve ripple suppression. There is a MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) used for AC line surge and transient protection.

The 860P uses Japanese capacitors throughout the design with two very fine Japanese 105C rated capacitors in the primary stage, from the excellent Rubycon. They are both rated 400v 470uF, for a total output of 940uF.

Due to the high rated efficiency of this power supply there are only several rather small heatsinks visible over one side of the PCB design cooling certain components.

Soldering quality on the board is certainly acceptable. The PSU offers Over voltage protection, under voltage protection, over power protection, short circuit protection, over current protection and over temperature protection as well.

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