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OCZ Power Supply Roundup

The fan inside the power supply is a HONG HUA unit (Model HA1425H12B-Z). We don’t know much about the company but it uses double ball bearings. As we previously mentioned it is semi transparent and features LED lighting.
The power supply is built around a bright red PCB which is eye catching. It looks like a Sirfa design. The construction is clean, with several heatsinks to aid with cooling. These aren’t big heatsinks, but as the unit is 80 Plus Gold certified it should be ok.
The transient filtering starts with the first section on the AC receptacle and includes two Y and a single X cap. The secondary part is on the main PCB and consists of two CM chokes, one X and two Y caps and an MOV.
The VRM’s responsible for the minor rail generation are located on the modular PCB to shorten the distance the rails have to travel through PCB traces until they reach the modular sockets. This helps to reduce EMI noise and to improve voltage drops, especially when high loads are generated on the minor rails. At the front of the modular PCB are several polymer caps.

We see two primary capacitors by Nippon Chemi Con rated 400V, 390uF @ 105c. These are excellent capacitors which prove reliable over time. Most of the secondary capacitors are 105c rated and made by Chemi Con.

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