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OCZ Power Supply Roundup

OCZ are using a Young Lin fan (model number DFS122512L) This 120mm sleeve bearing fan is rated at 1,200 rpm and emitting a maximum of 23 dBa.
The build quality is acceptable, although it is clear that this is built to a very specific price point as some of the soldering isn’t quite up to the standard we would expect in a more expensive unit. OCZ are using HEC as a partner for this unit.

The primary capacitor is a Taiwanese Teapo, rated at 400V/330uF @ 85c. I don’t rate Teapo capacitors very highly as I have seen several fail in the past within other units. We wouldn’t expect to see a 105c rated primary capacitor in a power supply like this, although most of the second stage capacitors are 105c rated.

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  • Harris

    Good post thanks. My local store has a good deal on the fatality unit, even though I dont need it just yet, ill pick it up

  • Ben

    I lose track of how many people buy the wrong power supply for their system, even though they have no plans to upgrade for years.

  • Rt23ds

    PC Power and Cooling are great, I have the same unit as reviewed, but just a smaller size. its been rock solid for a year now.