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OCZ Power Supply Roundup

fatalityOCZ FATAL1TY Series 1000W

The Fatal1ty power supply is an excellent, capable design and can deliver almost 1,100W before shutting down. The quality of the finish is high and the paintwork did pass our Philip head screwdriver test, it is certainly deep enough to withstand some abuse over time.

The modular design will certainly be welcomed and the quality of the cables is excellent, even if the sleeving isn’t quite at the same level as the best we have seen from independent modders. Experienced Pro modders will undoubtedly want to add their own sleeving and improve the overall appearance further. We like the design of the connectors on the unit itself, they  are well constructed and will last the test of time.

Technically, the Fatal1ty 1000W is very strong and there are no real weaknesses that we can report on. Load regulation isn’t at the highest standard we have seen from competing supplies by Seasonic or Corsair, but the use of high quality 105c rated Japanese capacitors will ensure long term reliability for OCZ.

Ripple suppression is excellent and will reassure demanding users who want to overclock their systems to the limit. All rails are well within industry tolerance levels and these are some of the best results we have seen in recent months.

Negatively I am not a fan of the LED light on the large fan, although this will be very much down to personal taste. If you are building a high end system with a side window it may work well for you. A little ‘on/off’ switch would have been a nice, low cost addition to the unit in our opinion.

While the cooling fan isn’t intrusive, in the last 200W of power output it does ramp up significantly, and at 1000W the noise levels were certainly uncomfortable, reading over 38 dBa. A little adjustment to the thermal curve, or incorporating larger heatsinks inside the unit may have negated this problem. We can’t imagine too many people will be demanding a continual load over 900W on a regular basis, but it is worth pointing out.

We found the Fatal1ty 1000W on PixMania for £154 inc vat. When you factor in that many of the 1000W power supplies available today are £199.99 inc vat, it is quite competitive. Some people will like the cable sleeving, especially if they don’t want to manually create their own.


  • Excellent technical design.
  • looks nice.
  • fantastic ripple suppression.
  • delivered almost 1,100W before shutting down.
  • cabling may attract an audience of inexperienced modders.
  • Japanese caps.


  • loud when 900W+ is demanded from it.
  • LED fan light might not appeal to some.

Kitguru says: An excellent power supply with very few weaknesses. Price point is competitive in the UK @ just over £150 inc vat.

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