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OCZ Power Supply Roundup


The power supply uses a Yate Loon D14BH-12 fan which can generate up to 140cfm of airflow at around 48.5 dBa (2,800 rpm). This fan should be controlled to spin much slower than this however and we will test the noise emissions later in the review.

This is a Great Wall design, the same company who produce the ZX series for OCZ. There are several rows of black heatsinks separating components.
OCZ are using Teapo capacitors, rated 560μF, 420V, 105°C. Transient filtering starts at the AC receptacle with one X and two Y capacitors. We noticed that they aren’t using a Metal Oxide Varistor which could be seen as a bad point of the design.

Capacitors on the secondary side are by Rubycon and Nippon Chemi Con. This design has extra ripple filtering in place with Teapo and Chemi Con capacitors on the modular PCB section.

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