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OCZ Power Supply Roundup

The supply uses a 7 blade Hong Hua fan (model HA1425M12B-Z) which is rated 12V and 0.36A. It is controlled by the supply but is said to be a low noise unit.
This power supply is designed by Super Flower. PC Power and Cooling have worked with Seasonic in the past as well. This design uses a half bridge topology with an LLC resonant converter on the primary side to increase efficiency. There is also synchronous rectification with two VRM’s for the production of minor rails on the secondary. Soldering quality on the PCB is excellent and almost as good as the Seasonic units we have tested recently.
The transient filtering stage starts behind the AC receptacle with two Y caps, a single X cap and a CM choke. The transient filter stage moves onto the main PCB with two Y caps, two X caps and another CM choke. There is no MOV with this design, which is unusual.
The supply uses two quality Japanese Nippon Chemi Con capacitors, one of them is rated 400v 560uF @ 105c and the other 400v 680uF @ 105c. Both are from the KMQ series. There is a thermistor close by which protects the unit from large inrush currents.
The minor rails are produced by two VRMs. Four mosfets are used on each VRM, protected from EMI with metal shielding. On the secondary side synchronous rectification is used, and the +12V rail is generated by ten fets. The secondary side uses all Japanese capacitors by Chemi Con. There are a mixture of electrolytic and polymer caps in the design.

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