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Phanteks AMP 750 Power Supply Review

The Phanteks box artwork isn’t exactly ground breaking, but they document some key selling points – its fully modular, its 80 Plus Gold Certified and its compatible with Revolt Pro Link.

The PHANTEKS AMP 750W is certified for use with the Revolt Pro Link and can be used in conjunction with a Revolt Pro power supply. PHANTEKS equips the Revolt Pro-series of power supplies with 24-pin- and 8-pin connectors that allow a second Revolt Pro-series- or AMP-series power supply to be connected. You can find more information on this, over HERE.

Phanteks list some more key selling points on the back of the box, including the 120mm Fluid bearing fan, compact size, multi GPU support, and the fact it is Revolt Pro Link Certified.

Inside, along with the power supply – is a user manual, cable ties, regional power cable and a bag of modular cables.

The power supply is wrapped inside a bag.


1x 24-Pin
2x 4+4-Pin
4x 6+2-Pin-PCIe
3x 4-Pol-Molex
1x Adapter 4-pin Molex to 2x SATA

The majority of the cables are ribbon style for ease of routing. The main ATX cable is sleeved.

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