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Seasonic M12 II Bronze Evo Edition 850W PSU Review

The Seasonic M12 II Bronze Evo Edition 850W power supply is using the ADDA AD1212UB-A70GL 120mm 7 blade ball bearing fan. This 120mm fan is rated at a current of 0.50A and a power output of 6W. The fan can spin up to 2,500 rpm generating 98.6 CFM of air flow while emitting 43.3 dBa noise.

We are quite sure it won’t reach these speeds even under load, but we will find out shortly.
The Seasonic design is very well laid out with several row of heatsinks running along the length of the PCB. This is to ensure excess heat can be radiated and expelled through the vents.
The vertical modular board contains a resonant controller. FETS here will regulate the +12V rail. Soldering quality is very high throughout.
The main PCB exhibits no concerns, soldering quality is excellent.
Seasonic have populated the board with very high grade Japanese capacitors including some from Nippon Chemi Con and Rubycon. All secondary stage capacitors are rated to 105c. There are some Nippon Chemi Con polymer capacitors present, used to filter the DC outputs.
Primary stage capacitors are high grade Japanese Nippon Chemi Con branded – 400V, 330uF, rated at 105C.

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