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Seasonic Platinum 1050WXP3 PSU Review

The Platinum 1050XP3 continues the long line of success stories in recent years for Seasonic. The build quality of the power supply is exceptional, and even the chassis has been designed and coated to the highest standards. It wasn’t a surprise to announce that it passed our screw driver stress test with flying colours.

This is not the first time we have reviewed one of the latest Platinum XP3 supplies from Seasonic. We looked at the Seasonic Platinum 1200W back in May, and also the Cooler Master V1200 Platinum – which used the same Seasonic design. All three power supplies exhibit very similar results, the Seasonic units use higher grade Nippon Chemi Con capacitors in the primary stage. Seasonic adopted a triple 390uF 420V capacitor configuration in their 1200W supply, while the Cooler Master 1200W unit incorporates a single 390uf 420V capacitor with two lesser 330uF 420V capacitors.

The Seasonic Platinum 1050WXP3 uses three Nippon Chemi Con 105c 330uF 420V capacitors and in our tests it was actually able to deliver 1,200Watts of power before shutting down. This is a remarkable result and bodes well if you are running close to the 1000W redline under load. Seasonic are clearly over specifiying these units which is commendable, especially as we often see corners being cut by competitors.

Technically it is difficult to find fault with the 1050WXP3. Load regulation is class leading and the unit coped exceptionally well with our stressful cross loading test. Ripple suppression is also noteworthy, although the record holder is still the Corsair AX1500i Titanium – even though it ships with a substantial premium.

We also have to compliment Seasonic on their use of premium grade Sanyo Denki Fans in this range of power supplies. They are exceptionally quiet while producing high levels of air when needed. The new hysteresis mode means it is actually likely to be stationary when the system is idle or even under modest load.

The Seasonic Platinum 1050WXP3 Modular Power Supply is available in the United Kingdom from Scan for £196.36 inc vat. At this price it should be making the final shortlist for a new high end Crossfire or SLi system build.

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  • built to the highest standards.
  • Nippin Chemi Con 105c rated primary capacitors
  • pure modular design.
  • hysteresis system works great.
  • high grade Sanyo Denki fan.
  • 8 PCIe connectors and 14 SATA connectors.
  • 7 year warranty.


  • None.

Kitguru says: Seasonic are producing some of the finest power supplies on the market in 2014.

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Rating: 9.0.

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