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MSI X99A Godlike Gaming Carbon Motherboard Review

MSI, like other motherboard vendors, doesn’t hold back in offering an expansive range of software utilities to its customers. The mainstay of MSI’s software suite is Command Centre which is its performance tuning software utility for change voltages and frequencies on-the-fly, tweaking fan speeds and enacting software-based USB speed boosting.

It also includes the MSI OC Genie automated overclocking utility, the same utility which can be found in the UEFI. It is a well-presented and polished piece of software, we just wish MSI did a better job at integrating this with its numerous other software utilities rather than heading off on a tangent with the disconnected Gaming App.


MSI’s LED controls are integrated into the Gaming App which also features some 1 click profiles that change frequencies and fan speeds to suit different scenarios and additional utilities like MSI’s Mouse Master and Gaming Hotkey are also available should you wish to install them.

The LED functionality is basic in design but intuitive – you pick a colour and you pick a lighting mode. We were disappointed to see that the “Each LED” section remained greyed out on out particular motherboard, despite us using the latest version of the software.

We’ve seen other MSI motherboard reviews, such as the X99A Gaming Pro Carbon, and it seems to allow for each independent LED zone to have a unique colour and lighting mode. We’re not sure why that feature isn’t ready on the X99A Godlike Gaming Carbon, there’s also no option to add and control external RGB strips as far as we can tell.


The last mention of MSI’s software suite is the Nahimic audio suite which is additive to the baseline audio software that comes with the Realtek ALC1150 driver installation.


Nahimic is a third party software that works with MSI’s audio hardware to provide a variety of software tweaks and enhancements. MSI and Nahimic have a close partnership so, to our knowledge, you’ll only find this software on MSI products.

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