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PlayStation 5 reportedly only has 664GB of usable storage

With the next generation of consoles just over a month away, both Sony and Microsoft have been pushing their respective SSDs as being one of the core improvements set to arrive with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. That being said, SSD storage isn't cheap, and so both consoles have seen relatively small internal storage sizes included. Though the PS5 is said to have an 825GB SSD, actual usable storage may be much smaller.

Sony has recently allowed a number of select online personalities to get their hands on the upcoming PlayStation 5 console, as well as some games. With the system finally out in the wild, a number of new details have been discovered. One of these is the fact that the PlayStation 5, which was announced to have an 825GB SSD, will only have roughly 664GB made available for use in downloading and installing games and apps.

This comes via ResetEra user ‘Kenzodielocke’ who allegedly acquired pictures of the PS5’s storage manager. While 664GB sounds paltry, especially when games such as Modern Warfare now take up almost 250GB, it was recently revealed that some PS5 games actually take up less storage than their PS4 counterparts. Furthermore, Astro’s Playroom, which will be preinstalled on all PS5 consoles, only takes up 2.4GB, despite being positioned as a full game – and not just a glorified tutorial for the console.

It is clear that storage overall is a major consideration throughout the aspect of next-gen game development. Hopefully this focus will allow for developers to minimise the file sizes of next-gen games through optimisation – otherwise players are likely to run out of storage very rapidly.

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