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Corsair MP700 PRO SE 4TB Review

We used CrystalDiskMark 8 to test the random performance of the drive at lower queue depths (QD1 – QD8 where most of the everyday workloads occur) using 1 to 4 threads.

Random Read.

In the random read tests, all four of the tested threads displayed smooth increases in performance as the queue depth deepened with no nasty surprises. At QD1 the performance ranges from 21,097 IOPS (86.41MB/s) using a single thread up to 84,106 IOPS (344.49MB/s) using four threads. At QD8 performance ranges from 158,913 IOPS (650.90MB/s) with a single thread up to 514,354 IOPS (2,106MB/s) with four.

Random Write

In the 4K write tests the performance rose sharply from QD1 to QD2 for all four tested threads with the fastest rises seen in the three and four-threaded tests. However, all four threads saw the performance levelling off from QD2 until the end of the test at QD8.

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