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Corsair MP700 PRO SE 4TB Review

In our read-throughput tests, the performance of the Corsair MP700 PRO SE climbed pretty smoothly through the block marks until it reached the 1MB block where the performance dropped from 8,513MB/s to 6,066MB/s at the 2MB mark before recovering to finish the test run peaking at 9,875MB/s, which is a long way off the official maximum rating of 14,000MB/s.

Although nowhere close to the official Sequential figure, the test result of 9.875.32MB/s sees the drive hit the top of the chart and is 1,355MB/s faster than the standard MP700 PRO.

During the write test run, the performance of the MP700 PRO SE momentarily levels off at a couple of places; between blocks 128KB and 256KB and 512KB and 2MB. The drive recovered well from both occasions, finishing the test run at 11,468.35MB/s.

That peak write figure of 11,468.35MB/s is short of the official 12,000MB/s but a lot closer to the official figure than the read result. It's good enough to put the drive on top of the results chart and is 728MB/s faster than the MP700 PRO.

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