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Corsair MP700 PRO SE 4TB Review

We used CrystalDiskMark 8‘s custom settings to test the 4K random write performance of the drive through a range of queue depths. The setup for the tests is listed below.

Transfer Request Size: 4KB, Outstanding I/O: 1-32.

As with the random read results with our four threaded random write tests, we couldn't get close to the official maximum of 1,600K IOPS. The best we saw from testing was 452,066 IOPS (1,851MB/s) at QD32.

4K Random Write v QD Performance compared.

At QD 1 the MP700 PRO SE sits in second place on our results chart behind Crucial's T700 drive. But as the QD deepens the drive slips down the chart and by QD32 it's next to the bottom of the table. But at every stage it's faster than the original MP700 PRO drive.

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