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Kingston DC500R 3.84TB SSD Review

4K Sustained Random Read Performance.

The official random read IOPS rating for the 3.84TB DC500R is up to 98,000 IOPS a figure that we could confirm with our 4K random read test, the drive peaking at 99,139.60 IOPS at a QD of 128.

4K Sustained Random Write Performance.

The official 4K random write performance for the drive is up to 28,000 IOPS. However, with our 4 threads, 8GB span write test, the drive sailed past this figure, peaking at 90,044 IOPS. We then tested again using 1 thread at a QD of 1 across the whole drive, the resulting 34,571 IOPS is lot closer to the official figure.

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