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Kingston KC600 1TB SSD Review

PCMark 8’s Consistency test provides a huge amount of performance data, so here we’ve looked a little closer at how the KC600 performs in each of the benchmarks test suites.

Adobe Creative Cloud

For the most part, the drive really suffers in the Adobe CC part of the test. All the test traces show drops in bandwidth but none more so than the Indesign trace which is the hardest hit. Least affected appeared to be the Illustrator trace which after dropping bandwidth at the fifth Degradation phase, quickly recovered without any further dramatic loses. None of the test traces recovers well from the ordeal.

Microsoft Office

From a very low bandwidth point in the first Degradation phase, the performance recovers very well in the Word trace for the MS Office part of the test. There's another drop in bandwidth for the Word trace in the fifth Degradation test, but again the KC600 recovers well. The PowerPoint and Excel traces don't appear to suffer any real problems at all.

Casual Gaming

In the Casual Gaming test runs, the World of Warcraft and Battlefield 3 trace results mirror each other for the whole length of the test. The Battlefield 3 trace is marginally the more efficient of the two.

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