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Patriot Viper VP4300 2TB SSD Review

IOMeter test setup:
4K Sustained Random Read
Transfer Request Size: 4KB Span: 80GB Thread(s): 4, Outstanding I/O: 1-32 Test Run: 20 minutes per test

Patriot rate the Viper VP4300's 4K random read performance as up to 800,000 IOPS. With our 4-threaded tests, we couldn't get close to that figure, the best we saw was 378,835 IOPS (QD16). We did run a quick test at QD32 using 8 threads and got a result of 465,446.8 IOPS, much improved but still way off that maximum figure.

4K Random Read v QD Performance compared.

In comparison with the other drives we've tested the Viper VP4300's strongest performance comes at QD1, but as the queue depth deepens the drive falls down the chart. It is still a good deal faster than the previous generation Viper VP4100, but at QD32 the situation is switched around, with the VP4100 having the advantage.

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