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WD Black SN750 1TB with Heatsink (10c improvements!)

To see if the EKWB heatsink offers any advantage over the standard Black SN750, we pushed both drives by running our performance stability test (a 4K random test with a 30% write, 70% read split, at a Queue Depth of 256 over the entire disk) and tracking the temperature as the test was running.

As the results show, the EKWB heatsink works pretty well at keeping the drive cooler than the standard drive both at default settings and with the Gaming Mode enabled.  The standard drive averages 73.09 °C during the run in standard mode and 73.66 °C with the Gaming Mode enabled. The heatsink equipped Black SN750 averages 63.74 °C in standard mode and 64.17 °C in the Gaming Mode.

Although the 10 degree difference between the two versions of the drive might not be of any benefit in a conventional desktop, it’s a usual saving if you are thinking of building a PC into the tight confines of a small form factor case.

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