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OCZ RevoDrive 350 PCIe SSD 480GB Review

The OCZ RevoDrive 350 480GB is not only significantly faster than the OCZ RevoDrive 3 x2, but it has proven the fastest SSD drive we have ever tested.

The enthusiast audience has been dealing with the limitations of the SATA 3 interface for some time now. This 600MB/s limit has slowed down the move to faster drives, although that is going to change in the near future – but more on this at a later date.

The use of the PCI Express interface means that OCZ are able to bypass current SATA interface limitations.  There is no doubt that OCZ official claims are actually rather modest, claiming the drive will peak between 1700-1,800MB/s. Our ATTO drive testing today highlighted that the OCZ RevoDrive 350 480GB was able to peak at close to 2GB/s (2000MB/s+) in both sequential read and write tests.

The Toshiba acquisition of OCZ has proven positive. The adoption of fast Toshiba NAND on the drives will ensure that pricing can be kept as competitive as possible. Additionally, the RevoDrive 350 480GB deals with incompressible and compressible data exceptionally well, meaning that this drive will suit a wide audience of enthusiast, semi professional and professional users.

There are only a handful of enthusiast grade competitors to the RevoDrive 350 right now. My colleague Luke Hill had a look at the ASUS RAIDR back in February and the performance isn’t even close to the RevoDrive 350 we tested today. Granted, that was an engineering sample, but the speeds aren’t likely to get much higher.

We can’t verify long term reliability of the RevoDrive 350 just yet as our sample has only been tested over the last 3-4 days. OCZ seem confident however, they have asked KitGuru to hold onto this sample long term, and to report back on performance, or any possible issues every couple of months. We may therefore be following up on this review around the end of June 2014.

UK pricing of the RevoDrive 350 480GB has yet to be confirmed, but as we mentioned earlier, our educated guess, after VAT is likely to be around the £599.99 inc vat mark. There is no doubt this is a lot of money, however if you want to get as much performance as possible out of your system it proves very difficult to ignore.

OCZ say that the RevoDrive 350 should be available in the United Kingdom within the next couple of weeks. This is without question the fastest boot and system drive you could put in your system.

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  • Record breaking performance.
  • looks great.
  • doesn’t require any power cables.
  • significant improvement over the RevoDrive 3 X2.
  • bypasses current SATA limitations.


  • £1.25 per GB.
  • Not ideal if you use multiple graphics cards.
  • 240GB unit looks to be significantly slower, so be careful.

Kitguru says: If you want the fastest system that money can buy you will want an OCZ RevoDrive 350 480GB as the boot/OS drive.

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Rating: 9.5.

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