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Sandisk Extreme Pro 480GB Review

Rating: 8.5.

It has has been around a year since we last looked at a Sandisk Solid State Drive – the Extreme II their ultimate performance model at the time. Today we look at their latest flagship drive – the Extreme Pro. This SSD is designed to deliver the fastest speeds possible, but with a focus on long term reliability. If you are an enthusiast gamer or media professional this may very well be the drive you will want in your next system build. The 480GB version we review today is priced around the £260 inc vat mark.

The Extreme PRO is available in three capacities: 240GB, 480GB and 960GB. Sandisk have decided not to deliver a 120GB model this time around.

Even more interesting is that the company quote 550 MB/s sequential read and 515 MB/s sequential write for both 480 GB and 960GB, but the 240GB drive is officially quoted to be slightly faster in sequential write tests – rated at 520 MB/s.

Sandisk Extreme Pro 480GB Specifications:

Interface: SATA 6Gbps.
Nominal capacity: 480GB.
Controller: Marvell 88SS9187.
Cache: Micron 512MB DDR3-1600.
Memory type/amount: 64 x 64Gbit SanDisk 19nm eX2 ABL MLC Toggle.
Endurance rating: 80TB total host writes.
Warranty: Ten years .

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