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Gigabyte open up the GTX760 version of Brix for an upgrade

When your gaming rig is so small that it won't hold 0.9 litres of liquid, then what are the chances that you can upgrade? Having taken us around the outside of his company's latest foray into the world of micro-gaming-on-steroids, Gigabyte's Andrew Ditchburn now opens up the Brix for a bit of internal reconstruction. We had our HD aperture wide open for this one.

If you put an Intel Core i5/i7 processor into a tiny chassis with loads of memory, M.2 SSD and a GTX760, then you can't expect it to be cool and quiet.

But that's like Lewis Hamilton complaining that he can't fit enough shopping into an F1 car. It wasn't designed for your weekly shop, so don't drive it to Tesco.

It doesn't mean you can't get (a little more tech) junk in the trunk.

When Gigabyte's Andrew Ditchburn told us that you can upgrade the Brix, in seconds, we were intrigued and made sure that there was a screwdriver handy.

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Buy at CCL over here for £642.62 inc vat.

KitGuru says: With a 240GB SSD setting you back less than £80 in some cases and the whopping 480GB drives now under £170 from some stores, adding a sizeable SSD to this unit is a smart choice.  We're still looking forward to see what Gigabyte's R&D team can do with Maxwell in the house.

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  1. For a moment I thought the CPU/graphics may be upgradable. Unfortunately looks like all we got here was the normal RAM/disk upgrades.

  2. waiting for the 970/980 version

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  4. They should make it double the size so they can improve the cooling. Make it more like a tiny tower with a bigger fan. Linus reviewed this machine but it got too hot to stay at stock speeds. I remember I had the same issue with my alienware m15x r2 and the intel i7 720qm which would throttle down when I was playing. The system is amazing, just improve the cooling.