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Up close and personal with Gigabyte’s 5 inch GTX760 Brix

While the tide may not have turned 100%, the days when computer chassis simply grew and grew are certainly behind us. There will always be a market for massive cases, but small is not only sexy, it is also cost effective and neat. KitGuru fires up the trusty camcorder.

At the MacWorld Expo in 2005, the late Steve Jobs bounced around, announcing “Starting at just $499, Mac mini is the most affordable way to enjoy Mac OS X and iLife. Just plug in your display, keyboard and mouse and you’ve got an incredibly compact Mac for a price that almost anyone can afford”.

Just 8 short years later, someone at Intel dusted off that sentiment and announced NUC (Next Unit of Computing) which  was a 4″ x 4″ system. Essentially, it performed a similar function to the Mac Mini, but was much cheaper.

So what if you took this concept of smaller systems – but added in serious processing and graphics?

KitGuru says: There will always be questions about heat etc when you move to a much smaller form factor, but this is certainly interesting approach. More interesting will be what happens over the next 5 years with these concepts.

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Buy at CCL over here for £642.62 inc vat.

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