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Fragging with the Infinity Vesuvius is the game of kings

If you're a serious PC gamer and you've been anywhere near the internet in the past day or so, there's a chance you will have seen mention of the Overclockers Infinity Vesuvius. It's a monster and monsters have a thirst – so how much juice is needed to keep it happy?  KitGuru reads the metre under the stairs.

Putting one of the world's fastest graphics cards into your rig is something. Deciding that you need significantly more power and going with TWO of AMD's Radeon R9 295X2 cards is clearly nuts.

The chaps at Overclockers then build a towering system around those cards and the rest is history.

Enter the Infinity Vesuvius.

One question that has popped up on Facebook and other social media sites, is “So how much does that thing cost to run?”

Well, that depends on how many hours a day you intend to be shooting things.

Fortunately, a site called Sust-It provides an easy answer.

Drop 1157w into the box marked ‘Energy Consumption' and give yourself, say, 6 hours of gaming a day.

Remember to times this result by 365.  You know. For days in the year.

For our American/European cousins, £1 is around $1.65 and £1 is close to €1.2


KitGuru says: On its own, this monster gaming rig is likely to be pulling around £365 a year from your wall socket. Then again, the Bugatti Veyron can't deliver 4 miles per gallon at full tilt (78l/100km) – and we did say that this is the Veyron of PCs.

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